Principle of measurement

Point-of-care (POC) testers of Boditech Med Inc. employ immunofluorescence method which measures the immune response between antigen and antibody using fluorescence. Fluorescence is the property of a material that absorbs light at a wavelength. Thus, when a fluorescent material is projected, it emits a unique color of light that is completely different from the projected light.
When a laser is irradiated on the membrane of the test cartridge containing fluorescent material, the excited fluorescence is captured and the fluorescence is detected through the semiconductor diode. Fluorescence is scattered by the laser and combined with light. From this light mixture, fluorescence is filtered and measured. Fluorescence intensity is converted into an electrical signal, which increases proportionally. This fluorescence intensity is displayed on the device by calculating the concentration of the analyte according to a pre-programmed calibration equation.

Variety of products

Boditech Med Inc. has various POC test devices developed to provide users an effective solution in different test conditions. We hope you meet Boditech Med Inc. POC test devices having advanced accuracy, reproducibility and user’s convenience and reasonable competitiveness to conventional large-scaled equipment.